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 "Love to be real-it must cost, it must hurt-it must empty us of self."
--Mother Theresa.

I have been doing clinical counseling for over 10 years, and specialize in Rogerian Client-centered therapy, Emotion-Focused Therapy, and Parent-Child Interaction. I can help you improve your relationship with your child/children, work though communication challenges with your partner, or help you plan a personalized recovery strategy if you suffer from an addiction.
     I  am presently doing attachment studies on Ducks and group behavior in poultry with the hope of better understanding how to help people with addictions form community supports and to test issues of emotional connection and imprinting in families. 
 I have done  volunteer work with local homeless people, and have repurposed an existing non-profit agency to provide mental health services to the community.
I can help clients to identify and process deep-seated repressed emotions. This help them gain insight and improve their relationships with others. I enjoy gardening, cooking Italian food, and have two cats.

​​Jonathan Moyer, MA LPC. Clinical Counselor, Program Director. Marriage Counseling, Drug/Alcohol, Anxiety, parent-child interaction, group family sessions.


      I am the official Community Outreach Director and do Emergency Crisis Counseling.  I have been doing nursing for over 40 years, and show both compassion and kindness to a population which is typically among the most difficult to treat. I helped start my first non-profit organization in Quakertown back in 2004 with one simple mission; help the poor, feed the homeless, and provide education to help folks break from their chains of poverty and oppression.

      Now, I am volunteering to do low-cost counseling and life coaching to help meet the mental health needs of those in the local community.Our goal is to remain client-centered, unconditionally positive, and to follow the life coaching model, as it tends to have less stigma and most closely falls into alignment with our ideological perspective.

     My strengths include crisis management, psychiatric counseling, drug and alcohol counseling, and having a strong-yet gentle spirit.  I am an active Catholic from Italian descent, and have been known to sometimes attend a local Casino when not saving the world. 😊  

​​Palma Moyer, RN Nurse  
Drug/Alcohol Counselor, Mediator, Consultant