What is Life Coaching ?
      There are many different ideas when one hears the phrase "life coaching".  With just a bit of planning, folks are able to  make a series of positive "little choices" which can produce a cumulative effect of positive life development. This is the fundamental concept behinds life coaching. With a bit of encouragement, you can have a great future !  You will be amazed at how you can reach your goals. 


     While traditional counseling tends to focus on one's past, Life Coaching focuses on the present and future and has a positive approach. It works by giving the person feedback so that they can make positive life choices and overcome obstacles in meeting their life goals. We feel that you are in charge of your future, and, with a bit of encouragement, are capable of achieving incredible results.  

     We believe that YOU are the person who is responsible for your personal happiness and dreams, and that you are the expert. If you are trying to reach your full potential or just want to get improved insight into yourself or your relationships, you may be a good candidate for life coaching. The process can often be achieved in a short period of time.  

So, aren't you worth taking the time to build an amazing life ? 
Job Coaching/Career Counseling

If you need help getting a job, keeping one, or are wanting a new career,​​
we will work with you to find your true calling.
We Offer the Following Services

  • EMPLOYMENT INTERVIEW PREPERATION. We can do "mock interviews", client coaching, job rediness, etc.

  • RESUME PREPERATION. We can help you build a resume to maximize your strengths and minimize your weeknesses.

  • TARGETED EMPLOYMENT SEARCHING/CAREER COUNSELING.  We can help you "find your calling".

  •  GET ALONG BETTER WITH YOUR BOSS AND COWORKERS.  We can train you to minimize potential conflicts so that you can improve your relationships with your boss and coworkers which may help your career. 

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